About us

We believe in clothing that is created with kindness and respect to our workers & the planet. In standing out from the crowd, and celebrating ourselves and children with beautifully designed clothing. In quality over quantity, and clothing that’s built to last.

Being in the business world EXPLAINS me... I have always been an entrepreneurial type. At age of 10,I was making what I called “felt n friends” going door-to-door selling my fridge magnet felt animals and other crafty things; and, being a Girl Scout and always aspiring to be the top in cookie sells. Just after I became a Mom for the first time, I began joining my first of many network-marketing ventures and found that I really had a gift for marketing and did well for a few years. Finally getting my toes wet in the small shop world, I started my original small shop Two Little Pretties & Co just after my daughter was born in 2016. I acquired Morgan+Mae Co; which is a division of our corporation Little Pretty Industries, also owning Little Pretty Printers |Custom Fabric in August 2018. At the time of acquisition, MMC was a very successful, well-known shop in the Small Shop community for RTS (ready-to-ship) leotards.Over the last 2 years, we have grown and expanded into a handmade brand – while still offering the manufactured product – with over 70 customizable styles offered! Until my vision for Morgan+Mae becomes a reality, I will continue to work my full-time job all while being a huge small shop community supporter.

Being a mom DEFINES me... it’s who I was born to be. Being a mom DEFINES me.It is who I was born to be. Jacob and Josslyn are the center of my world. I have an amazing husband, Nick who supports my journey and me, who brings joy to my soul, and who brought me a wonderful bonus daughter, Arianna, to love forever. I work a full time job; and I’m a shop owner, a brand rep lover and a small shop community supporter!

If your passion is shopping small, this is the place for you... and by shopping small, that includes those moms who source products and resell them, those moms who design and create from scratch, 100% handmade items, those shops who are hybrid like us and do a combination of the above and even those moms who rep for network marketing companies, because no matter what, at the end of the day, no matter how you slice it, we are all SMALL SHOPS, and we all have the same goal, to grow our brand, to be successful and to support our families.

There is room for all of us here! I cannot wait to share my passion for each individual item I make and get to know you.

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